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Board advice



board advice

We work in the boardroom helping businesses to become more people-focused.

Our decades spent acting for boards across the world, means we are well placed to help organisations assess performance, mitigate people-risk and map talent needs for the future.


Our board advisory and consulting services include:


Board Effectiveness

We advise clients on board capability, effectiveness and succession. We draw on our practical experience and proprietary research to focus on helping boards maximise their impact on business success and best practice.

Management Assessments

We help boards and CEOs to understand the individual and collective strength of their existing leadership team. We work with clients to build on their existing management development programmes by providing an external market perspective on key individuals, succession pipelines and overall teams. Our work is characterised by its clear, actionable insights and recommendations.

Succession Planning

One of the toughest subjects for boards and the executive to address, we are expert at introducing the conversation and framing the debate. The time span involved can range from six to twelve months and often three to five years in advance. We are well practiced advising on emergency situations through to well-choreographed successions.

Talent Mapping

For strategically important roles, it is important that potential internal successors are considered alongside external candidates. We help clients understand the best talent in their organisations and benchmark it against the wider marketplace. We lay the foundations for development work with the best internal talent, as well as providing early insight into the positions boards and chief executives will need to fill externally in the future.

Behavioural and People Risk

We help clients to optimise top team effectiveness and manage broader organisational cultural dynamics. We help boards and chairs diagnose and understand the key risks, and potential changes required. Our approach is characterised by our insights on identifying and managing ‘People Risk’, at an individual or organisational level.