Building a board to support strategic change

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A top global communication service provider was gradually evolving - by using cash from the core business - to become an enterprise solutions provider. Its competitor set was therefore changing, and it required different credentials in the Board team.


We explored and identified the best options for the three alternative profiles:

  1. Technologists from existing near-in customers and the next set of competitors

  2. Customer facing business leaders from enterprise solutions corporates

  3. CEOs of rapidly digitising global industrial groups


We sought to balance candidates coming from the US with those from both Europe and Asia, in order to act as a counterweight to the US predominance in the tech sector. We began with profile 1, before switching to profile 3 to be followed by 2. Thus fulfilling the aim that the composition of the Board anticipates the requirements of the strategy three years from now, remaining ahead of the management team as it stands today, and suitably reflecting the organisation’s future objectives.